Overview of Current Research

Communication and Energy Harvesting for Long-Term Geo-Tracking of Large Outdoor Assets using the LPWAN Technologies of LoRa and NB-IoT

The objective of this research is track outdoor assets like construction equipment using a set of custom, durable, low-cost wireless tracking modules that rely on low-power-wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies like LoRa and NB-IoT.  Furthermore, these modules should utilize innovative energy harvesting techniques to extend their lifetime and reduce battery requirements.

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Machine Learning via Serverless Cloud Computing in AWS Lambda

This work focuses on a novel approach to machine learning for efficient big data processing within a system dominated by mobile devices.  The proposed solution achieves this by utilizes custom, lean, and modular lambda functions to perform machine learning.  Our solution mmploys a lean design philosophy such that serverless cloud computing resources are used efficiently as well as interfaces lambda functions directly with cloud storage to efficiently access large amounts of data.

Most Recent Publication: http://bit.ly/2Zlq3oN

Most Recent Presentation/Video: https://youtu.be/i5dqN_64T-I

Smart Wireless Network for Automation of Residential and Commercial Loads to Facilitate Participation in Demand Response Initiatives

In this work, researchers study a smart wireless network for automation of residential and commercial loads that would facilitate their participation in system-wide demand response initiatives.  Primary research objectives include: 1) developing a cost-effective and ultra-low power meshed network, 2) developing a learning-based optimization algorithm for load automation, and 3) applying this optimization to demand response.

Most Recent Publication: http://bit.ly/2YhcAC7

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Custom FPAA Hardware with Improved Scalability for Emulation of Smart Grids

In this work, researchers present work in the field of analog emulation of electric power system dynamics via field-programmable analog array (FPAA) technology.  Specifically, they discuss development of a new emulation tool with increased modularity and operator density for analysis of larger power systems and smart grids.  One innovative aspect of this work is the fact that it employs custom FPAA boards developed by re-searchers at TCNJ and Drexel University.

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Smart Grid Technology and Energy Sustainability
This talk answers many of the following questions: Why is smart grid technology essential for improved energy sustainability? What are the limitations of current electric power technology? What is smart grid technology and how may it address these limitations? Why is a balanced approach to the problem of energy sustainability best?

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