ENG212: Circuit Analysis

Catalog Information

Course Units: 1.0

Prerequisite: PHY 202

Corequisite: ENG 272


Course Description

This course introduces students to the basis of electric circuit analysis and serves as an essential prerequisite for more advanced electrically-related courses. It covers a variety of topics including: Kirchoff’s laws, node and mesh analysis, network theorems, natural and forced response, steady state analysis, phasor notation, Fourier series, and frequency selective networks.


Primary Textbook

Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis (10th Edition)

Authored by J. David Irwin and R. Mark Nelms

Published by Wiley

ISBN: 978-0-470-91326-0


Course Objectives*

Objective 1: To introduce students to the basic principles of electric circuit components and analysis [a,e,k].

Objective 2: To instill in students the ability to formulate and solve engineering problems in electric circuits involving both steady state and transient conditions [a,e,k].


Topics Covered

1. Circuit Elements and Variables

2. DC Resistive Circuit Analysis

3. PSpice Circuit Analysis

4. Operational Amplifiers

5. DC Circuit Transient Analysis

6. AC Steady State Analysis


Evaluation / Grading

1. Quizzes (30%)

2. Midterm (25%) and Final Exams (35%)

3. Homework and Participation (10%)


Performance Criteria**

Objective 1: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the use of electric circuit components in circuit analysis [A,B,C].

Objective 2.1: Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze electric circuits [A,B,C].

Objective 2.2: Students will demonstrate the ability to use a computer circuit analysis program to verify the analysis of circuit behavior and to compare the results of the circuit analysis program with the traditional methods, determine the effect of component tolerances. [C]



Engineering Science: 90%

Engineering Design: 10%


* Lower case letters in brackets refer to Educational Objectives of the department.

** Capital letters in brackets refer to evaluation methods used to assess student performance.