OpenFlow Solver

A MATLAB Power System Simulation Tool, Version 1.1.


The objective of the OpenFlow Project is development of an open-source tool that: 1) helps students and researchers understand the design and operation of nonlinear power system simulators as well as 2) may be utilized and effectively adapted by external researchers to perform advanced and innovative work in the field of power engineering. Unlike many alternatives, this tool is presented to the user as a single fully-commented source code file. The author feels that, because the user is not required to review multiple functions that may interact in a complex manner, the OpenFlow tool is easier to understand and manipulate than many alternatives. That being said, the simulator presented below is a powerful and effective analysis tool that may facilitate advanced power system research, especially work that requires batch-mode load flow.


OpenFlow is a MATLAB m-file developed by Anthony Deese to perform steady-state load flow analysis of an n-bus power system. However, future versions will address state estimation as well as optimal power flow. Do not hesitate to contact the developer with questions at  This software is still under-development (hence beta-version).


Call the OpenFlow Function using Matlab command below:


[voltage_limit_violation flow_limit_violation total_power_loss fraction_power_loss convergence complex_voltages ] = OpenFlow([1 2 3 4 5],[1 1 1 1 1],0,1)