Kindervatter Accepted to University of Pennsylvania Research Program

Tim Kindervatter, one of Professor Deese's advisees, was recently accepted to participate in the SUNFEST REU Program at the University of Pennsylvania. The goal of the overall research program is to introduce various sensing devices into the traditional BCI system, as a Sensor-Brian-Computer-Interface (SBCI) system, to monitor and/or reconstruct somatosensory of human beings and/or various NHP. A traditional BCI system includes i) multi-electrode neural recording device; ii) multi-electrode stimulating device and iii) user friendly graphic interface on the computer. The development on microelectronics in the last two decades enables the neurologists to study neural activity in non-human primates (NHP) during free behavior by employing portable brain-computer interface (BCI). REU students will be involved in i) sensor design and testing, ii) graphic user interface (GUI) design, iii) online/offline signal processing, e.g. spike detection, feature extraction, and iv) recorder-stimulator and/or sensor-stimulator modulation. The students will learn neurobiology, sensor design, wireless communication, biological signal processing and its engineering applications.

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