Tenna Asset Geo-Tracking Research Project
Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Brennan, Ph.D. (TCNJ Civil Engineering Dept)
Co-PI: Dr. Anthony S. Deese, Ph.D. (TCNJ Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept)
Co-PI: Joe Jesson (External Consultant and ECE Dept)
Student Research Assistants: To Be Listed

TCNJ is working with Tenna Company to development, test, and prototype a suite of innovative, wireless, low-power (LP), field resilient sensors that can be used to identify and geo-locate temporary pieces of construction inventory not normally tracked. Three potential sensor types and applications (i.e. Jersey Barriers, construction mats, and shipping pallets). The research includes the development of an on Campus NB-IoT and LoRa network for tracking construction assets.