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Communication and Energy Harvesting for Long-Term Geo-Tracking of Large Outdoor Assets using the LPWAN Technologies of LoRa and NB-IoT

The objective of this research is track outdoor assets like construction equipment using a set of custom, durable, low-cost wireless tracking modules that rely on low-power-wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies like LoRa and NB-IoT.  Furthermore, these modules should utilize innovative energy harvesting techniques to extend their lifetime and reduce battery requirements.

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Smart Wireless Network for Automation of Residential and Commercial Loads to Facilitate Participation in Demand Response Initiatives

In this work, researchers study a smart wireless network for automation of residential and commercial loads that would facilitate their participation in system-wide demand response initiatives.  Primary research objectives include: 1) developing a cost-effective and ultra-low power meshed network, 2) developing a learning-based optimization algorithm for load automation, and 3) applying this optimization to demand response.

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Artificial Intelligence and Wireless Tech Summer Program at The College of New Jersey ECE
Artificial Intelligence and Wireless Tech Summer Program at The College of New Jersey ECE
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Solving More Complex Circuits
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Solving Basic Electric Circuit Topologies
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Fundamental Laws + of Circuit Analysis (KVL, KCL, etc...)
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Electromagnetism Review (Revised)
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(Some) Prerequisite Knowledge for Circuit Analysis
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LTSpice Tutorial
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Practical Engineering Problems (as Preparation for Formal Circuit Analysis)
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